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ISEHAN - Kiss Me Heroine Make Long Stay Sharp Gel Liner (#03 Natural Brown) 0.07g

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  • Super water resistant gel liner with 1.5mm soft ultra-fine gel core.
  • Draw delicate lines smoothly with sulsur and keep dense beauty lines for a long time to the end of eyes.
  • Even thinner, the drawing comfort and durability has been improved.
  • The momentary lock component a formulation quickly settles on the eyelids from the melt gel.
  • It has a high adhesion, and after drying it is a prescription that does not get in the eyelids even when blinking, and is also resistant to rubbing.
  • A super durable formula that is resistant to tears, sweat, water, sebum, and rubbing with Super Guard Polymer a.
  • Prevents smudge and keep the beauty line up to the corners of the eyes for a long time.
  • Easy-to-draw 1.5 mm ultra-fine gel core.
  • With a soft gel type ultra-fine core, you can easily draw delicate lines.
  • Contains instant lock ingredient a, which quickly fixes from a melting gel to the eyelids.
  • With high adhesion, it does not move to the eyelids even if you blink after it dries, and it is a prescription that is resistant to rubbing.
  • Contains beauty essence ingredients.
  • hyaluronic acid, collagen, panthenol, and chamomile extract (moisturizing ingredient).
  • Dye-free.
  • No dye is used and no pigment remains on the skin.

How to use:

  1. use after drawing out the core about 1.5mm.
  2. According to the eyelids Kiwa, draw to fill in the eyelash gap.
  3. It will finish more naturally if you let it go before the line settles down.
  4. The core that has been created once does not return.
  5. After use, tighten the cap while leaving the remaining core.
  6. Its soft core, it may break if it is pulled out too much.
  7. Be careful not to put out more than 1.5 mm.
  8. As it may be difficult to draw when the core is dry, tighten the cap properly after use.
  9. When closing the cap, be careful not to break the core.