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Lash Glamour Trio: Ardell 3D, 8D, and Aqua Lashes Bundle

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Elevate your lash game with our Lash Glamour Trio: Ardell 3D, 8D, and Aqua Lashes Bundle. This carefully curated collection features three distinct styles from Ardell, offering a range of options to suit any occasion."

  1. Ardell 3D Lashes Faux Mink 864:

    • Achieve a luxurious and voluminous look with these faux mink lashes, designed to add depth and dimension to your eyes for a glamorous finish.
  2. Ardell 8D Lashes 952:

    • Make a bold statement with these ultra-dramatic 8D lashes, featuring multiple layers of lashes for an intense, voluminous effect that enhances your eye makeup look.
  3. Ardell Aqua Lashes 341:

    • Enjoy effortless elegance with these lightweight and comfortable Aqua lashes, designed to provide a natural-looking enhancement to your lashes with a subtle, fluttery effect.

Indulge in the versatility and beauty of Ardell lashes with this curated collection.