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Lorem Body Heat Wraps

  • £10.50
Tax included.

Our microwaveable body heat pack is a multi-use natural way to support pain. Unlike most other heat packs, ours comes with a velcro strap to ensure that it stays where you need it.

Perfect for:

  • Back or shoulder aches and pains.
  • Stomach pain relief.
  • To wrap around knee or elbow joints.
  • Lay around your neck.
  • Just to keep warm.

Comes in one size with velcro adjustable strap to fit all. This means it will stay secure with your having to stay put!

To optimise the benefits of the body heat pack we recommend that after every 5 uses you place a small suitable container holding a little water in the microwave during the heating process or place in a refrigerator in an open paper bag overnight. This will maximise the longevity of the heat pack.


Due to the natural contents of this product (mostly wheat and some dried scents), the recommended heating times must not be exceeded as the product will dry out and start to smoulder.