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Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam Radiant Dust Shimmering Loose Powder for Face & Body - Rose Gold Mini 1.5g

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Melanie Mills Rose Gold Radiant Dust Powder UK

Getting a rich glow on the skin with a subtle shimmer is every girl’s desire. Isn’t it? Looking into this desire for radiance in mind, we at Beauty Goddess have brought Melanie Mills Rose Gold Radiant Dust Powder UK for you.

Melanie Mills Rose Gold Radiant Dust Powder UK is a pure luxe, loose powder that imparts shimmering glitz and glam to your face and body instantly. It comes in a huge 1oz: jar or a mini 1.5 g jar.

Why is it so popular?

What makes this radiant dust the most luxurious face or body luxe loose powder in the world is its moisture-rich ingredients that leave your skin feel silky yet shining! Melanie Mills Rose Gold Radiant Dust Powder UK is a finely milled face and body powder that is made out of high-grade pearls and all-natural ingredients that draw light in and not reflect it.

Why is it different?

Its hydrating effect, seamless blending, and high definition colors make it stand out of the crowd. This powder is excellent for a body in high humidity areas, especially for those who do not like wearing a lotion!

How to Use it?

You can use this shimmering powder by complimenting your favorite Gleam Body Radiance products. You need to apply the powder with our Luxe face and body brush on the top of Gleam Body Radiance for color and Pop! Or you can simply dust it all over on your clear skin and achieve a sheer sexy glow on your skin.

You can make use of each shade of Radiant Dust as a GLEAMALICIOUS™ face and body powder, blush, eye shadow, bronzer, or highlighter. It blends beautifully and seamlessly, leaving behind a glowing and radiant skin.

You can apply it with the help of a make-up brush or powder puff for reducing the fine lines and creating a warm, rich glow. The Melanie Mills Rose Gold Radiant Dust Powder UK is perfect or eyes, cheeks, face as well as the body. It provides a dewy radiance and makes you look radiant with a warm aroma of vanilla essence.

At Beauty Goddess, we carry the Hollywood Film Festival Kit, where you can find all four shades of this glamorous powder!