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MoYou London's Gel Strips Semi-cured Nail Strips!

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Welcome to a world of nail art enchantment with our exciting collaboration featuring the creative genius of JellyBayn_Nails! 🌈🎨 Dive into the realm of eccentric and vibrant designs as we proudly present three exclusive nail wraps inspired by her most sought-after creations. Transform your nails into captivating canvases that tell stories of color and imagination. From swirl patterns to whimsical bursts of color, these wraps encapsulate JellyBayn_Nails' signature style. Elevate your self-expression and let your nails narrate a tale of exuberance. Explore the extraordinary and adorn your nails with the magic that is JellyBayn_Nails! ✨🎉

Decorate your nails with beautiful patterns and stunning designs with MoYou London's Gel Strips Semi-cured Nail Strips!

MoYou London Gel Nail Strips are applied similarly to nail wraps, but they are made of real gel polish and therefore lasts for up to over 2 weeks without damaging the nail. 

✦  Amazing nails in seconds without having to leave the house. 

✦  Each box comes with 20 individual nail strips with different widths to adapt to your nails + nail file + wooden stick.

✦  UV/LED Lamp to cure the nails (60 secs).

✦  Easy to apply (like stickers) and remove. LEARN MORE!

✦  Perfect for holidays, weddings, special events, or your everyday life!

✦  Gel Nail Strips are cost saving. They offer amazing results for roughly a third of the price of other alternatives. 

With MoYou London Gel Nail Strips you can get fresh-looking nails without visiting the nail salon or spending hours designing your nails.

There is hardly any damage to the nail! The products are semi-cured which means they have been hardened by a UV/LED light during production (not on the nails!), so you get a gel strip which can be applied as a sticker. It’s easy to remove with a wooden stick which you can dip in nail polish remover. 

Kindly note that the actual colour of the gel strips may vary slightly from what is displayed on your screen.