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Nails Inc Sole Heeler Peeling Foot Mask, 40ml

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An effective, advanced solution to target even the driest, cracked or calloused feet, the Sole Heeler is the ultimate pedi peel. Printed with a pretty leopard print, the sock masks fasten over the whole foot, so you can go about your day whilst the formula gets to work.

The socks are filled with a powerful blend of Lactic Acid, Tea Tree and Coconut oil to break up dry patches and lift away dead skin cells, as well as condition the skin.

7-10 days after one use, expect to see dead skin fall away, revealing smooth, hydrated and healthy looking feet.

How to use: Apply to clean, dry feet. Remove the foot masks from the sachet and gently unfold. Slide your feet into the slippers between the fabric layers and peel of tab to secure around your ankles. After 60 to a maximum of 90 minutes, remove the slippers and wash your feet and hands thoroughly. Dead skin will start to peel away gradually over 7-10 days. Resist applying moisturiser in this time. Leave 6-8 weeks between use.