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NANOIL Argan Hair Mask 300ml

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  • Nourishing
  • Healthy growth
  • Repair
  • Perfect health

Size: 300 ml

This mask, featuring priceless Moroccan argan, offers you the power of the best natural oil for envious, strong, luminous, healthy hair. Treat your hair to the diversity of antioxidants, keep it hydrated, repair and support your tresses no matter the conditions. The argan oil included in the mask shields the hair structure, smooths and seals the cuticles, eases combing and makes hair look as lovely as never before.

NANOIL Argan Hair Mask - 100% Nourishment For Your Hair
The mask enriched with argan oil tenderly envelops the hair, strengthens and nourishes, as well as gives the effect of in-salon treatments. Hair stuns with healthy gloss and lovely appearance. Treat yourself to salon-like hair therapy!
NANOIL Argan Hair Mask  - Purpose

It serves all hair types, including fine, frizzy and splitting hair as well as normal hair needing enhancement and nourishing. The argan oil in the mask also keeps mature hair healthy. The wonderful power of argan in the Nanoil mask is perfect for everyone no matter the age, hair type or colour. Give your hair an antioxidant-rich therapy, keep it safe from pollution and UV radiation.

What Does the NANOIL Argan Hair Mask Contain?
  • Moroccan argan oil - offers you beneficial fatty acids and over 100 active substances. This oil is the most powerful while fighting for healthy, strong hair. The high content of vitamin E and polyphenols makes it one of the best hair treatments.
  • Panthenol - speeds up hair repair, enhances the production of keratin and gives hair a stunning shine.
How Does the NANOIL Argan Hair Mask Work?
  • Effectively nourishes the hair shaft (inner and outer structures).
  • Adds subtle shine and softness.
  • Has antioxidant properties.
  • Eases combing, protects from heat.
  • Keeps hair cuticles damage-proof.
  • Repairs and strengthens the hair structure.
  • Keeps hair voluminous and glossy.
  • Makes hair manageable and leaves it lovely-looking.