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NANOIL Hair Conditioner with Algae (Algae Hair Conditioner) 125ml

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  • Hydration
  • Natural softness
  • Resilience

Size: 125 ml

Nanoil bi-phase hair conditioner with algae has the power of hydration for parched, fine and unruly hair. Algae are a source of precious compounds, irreplaceable in hair care: they contain hydration, and leave hair soft, smooth and manageable. Apply Nanoil conditioner enriched with marine algae and bring the beauty hidden in your hair to light!

NANOIL Algae Hair Conditioner - Get Healthy and Gorgeous Hair with the power of Marine Algae!
Do you feel your hair is getting weaker? Give it the finest treatment from Nanoil: the nourishing power of algae paired with the best protective substances. Be stunned by the results of this marine hair care. Restore the natural beauty of your hair, and moisturize and repair the strands.
NANOIL Algae Hair Conditioner - Purpose

This lightweight bi-phase conditioner has strong moisturizing and nourishing effects. It takes care of fine and unruly hair that needs hydration because of uncontrolled water loss. Reach for the conditioner if your hair is prone to tangles or static, or when you want to protect it from damage and condition it without weighing it down. The nourishing power of algae comes in useful to nourish all hair types.

What are the Ingredients used in NANOIL Algae Hair Conditioner
  • Nori algae extracts - shield the hair from harmful UV rays, have an antioxidative effect and deliver moisture for bouncy and strong strands.
  • Castor oil - maintains hair color, promotes hair growth, maintains hydration, has an antiseptic effect and protects from damage.
  • Panthenol - ensures intensive shine and smoothness, and combats split ends.
What Are the Benefits of Using Algae Hair Conditioner?
  • Delivers deep and lasting hydration
  • Protects from external aggressors, such as UV rays
  • Nourishes, revives and strengthens the strands
  • Moisturizes by combating water loss
  • Leaves hair resilient and bouncy
  • Restores natural beauty and shine
  • Makes the hair silky without overburdening
  • Prevents frizz and static