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NANOIL Hair Conditioner with Keratin (Keratin Hair Conditioner) 125ml

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  • Repair
  • Perfect health
  • Better-looking hair

Size: 125 ml

Nanoil bi-phase hair conditioner with liquid keratin is a lightweight mist known for having a strong hair repair effect. In a snap, it improves hair’s appearance thanks to the power of keratin: its molecules deeply penetrate hair to rebuild, strengthen and beautify. See for yourself that spray keratin from Nanoil equals a stunning hairdo with no weighting down!


NANOIL Keratin Hair Conditioner - Repair Your Hair with the Lightweight Conditioner of Great Power!
Is your hair damaged, dull, and lifeless? This means it lacks keratin. Nanoil bi-phase conditioner is the solution you need. Spritz your hair with it to allow the tiny keratin molecules and plant proteins penetrate the hair in order to rebuild it and beautify.
NANOIL Keratin Hair Conditioner - Purpose

Liquid keratin in the form of our bi-phase conditioner is perfect for mature, overprocessed and demanding hair. It works exactly where continuous damage protection and hair repair is needed. This conditioner takes good care of fine and weak strands that are often exposed to heat styling. However, this product can be applied to all hair types to make it stronger and ease brushing.

What Are the INGREDIENTS used in Keratin Hair Conditioner?
  • Liquid keratin - fills in the gaps in hair structure, adding more body and making it looking better.
  • Castor oil - prevents color from fading and promotes hair growth as well as maintaining hydration level in hair and acting as an antiseptic.
  • Plant proteins - nourish, moisturize and strengthen the hair, balance the scalp’s pH and combat static.
  • Panthenol - leaves hair lustrous and smooth, prevents splitting, and improves hair thickness.
What are the Benefits of Using Keratin Hair Conditioner?
  • Improves the hair’s appearance instantly
  • Facilitates hair self-repair processes
  • Strengthens even extremely damaged hair
  • Creates a protective coating on hair’s surface
  • Eases combing after washing
  • Protects from toxins, high/low temperatures, and UV rays
  • Prevents static and frizz