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NANOIL Hair Conditioner with Liquid Silk (Liquid Silk Hair Conditioner) 125ml

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  • Smoothness
  • Health & shine
  • Vitality

Size: 125 ml

Nanoil bi-phase hair conditioner with liquid silk is a mist-like, lightweight hair treatment. It’s easy to use and leave-in. Spritz the length of the hair with it and let the tiny silk proteins smooth, strengthen and boost the shine of your hair. See for yourself how fast this silky conditioner from Nanoil works!


NANOIL Liquid Silk Hair Conditioner - Strengthen Your Hair and Boost Its Shine!
Is your hair dull, stiff and hard-to-style? The proteins in our Nanoil conditioner with liquid silk strengthen and improve the hair’s appearance. It’s gentle but deeply repairing mist penetrates the hair to deliver nourishment and help you take control over unruly strands. The effects are immediate and fabulous.
NANOIL Liquid Silk Hair Conditioner - Purpose

Bi-phase silk conditioner is perfect for dry, dull, and unmanageable hair. It can also take care of colour-treated hair by preventing color fading, improving hair’s resilience and giving a healthy shine to the strands. The lightweight formula does not overburden the hair, meaning that you can apply the conditioner to all hair types, and even reapply it a few times throughout a day to provide damage-protection and boost the silky effect on the hair.

What are the Ingredients used in NANOIL Liquid Silk Hair Conditioner
  • Liquid silk - moisturises, smooths, and protects hair from UV rays and damage. Also adds shine even to dull hair.
  • Wheat proteins - measurably repairs the hair, making it strong and easy to style. Also combats static and frizz.
  • Panthenol - tames unruly hair, leaving it gloss and smooth, preventing split ends and adding more body to the hair shafts.
What are the Benefits of using Liquid Silk Hair Conditioner?
  • Smooths the hair out and eases combing
  • Intensifies hair cor by adding shimmering highlights
  • Prevents dullness
  • Protects from UV rays and other external aggressors
  • Reinforces hair structure and leaves it resilient
  • Makes hair soft and pleasant to the touch
  • Prevents tangling
  • Combats static and frizz