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NANOIL Hair Styling Spray (spray for improved hair manageability) 200ml

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  • Easy styling
  • Perfect hairdos
  • Stunning shine

Size: 200 ml

This spray for easy-to-style hair from Nanoil gives you perfect hairdos and protection in a single step! Formulated with panthenol, this professional-standard liquid nourishes hair and reverses damage. Nanoil Hair Styling Spray calms and holds even the most challenging, heavy hair that refuses to maintain a style, and improves its resistance to external factors. Not only does it ease you arranging impeccable hairdos, it also keeps your strands healthy!


NANOIL Hair Styling Spray - Professional Styling for your Hair
Is your hair unruly, stiff and hard-to-style? Is arranging your hair in the morning challenging? It’s time to change that! Reach for Nanoil styling spray and see for yourself how effortless it can be to create a gorgeous hairdo!
NANOIL Hair Styling Spray - How to Use:

Nanoil styling liquid is great for all hair types. Spray it onto damp or dry strands to extend the lifespan of a hairdo. The spray promotes glossy, smooth, and good-looking hair.

Nanoil Hair Styling Spray tames even the unruliest wisps. The natural formula facilitates styling, making hair smoother and shinier. It helps keep strands looking impeccable throughout the entire day.

What is Hair Styling Spray Made From?

The well-selected ingredients in Nanoil styling spray ease arranging the perfect hairdo. They also provide protection from the damaging effect of strong wind, cold weather and UV light. Just spray the product onto your hair and start styling it the way you like!

Panthenol (provitamin B5) replenishes hair moisture, nourishes, and improves resilience. It protects, smooths, and boosts shine.

How Does Hair Styling Spray Work?
  • It eases hair styling.
  • It adds shine and makes hair soft.
  • It provides protection, thus reducing the risk of hair damage.
  • It promotes healthy hair.
  • It combats frizz and static.