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Nanolash DIY Bonder 5ml - bonder for DIY lash extensions, bonder for false eyelashes in clusters

  • £19.00
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  • ✅ INCREDIBLE DURABILITY - the Nanolash bonder for DIY lash extensions stays on the lashes for about 5 days.
  • ✅ FAST ACTION - DIY Bonder gains its tackiness after 30-60 seconds, so you can quickly move on to applying your cluster lashes.
  • ✅ PRECISION APPLICATOR - the convenient, thin applicator separates the hairs well and distributes the bonder precisely, making the finished look very long-lasting.
  • ✅ COMFORTABLE APPLICATION - DIY bonder from Nanolash applies easily and evenly along the entire length of the lashes.
  • ✅ ONE COAT IS ENOUGH - the lash bonder is very efficient. It coats lashes well and is very effective, so there is no need to add an extra coat.
  • ✅ HIGH RESISTANCE - the bonder for DIY lash extensions is water-proof

Nanolash DIY Bonder is a thick consistency product you apply directly on the lashes. The DIY Bonder becomes tacky after 30-60 seconds and then you can apply your cluster lashes underneath your natural ones. The properties of the DIY lash extensions bonder ensure your cluster lashes stay in place for up to 5 days. Once all the lashes have been applied, you can easily neutralize the stickiness of the bonder by using a second, compatible product - Nanolash DIY Sealer.