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Nanolash DIY Eyelash Extensions Starter Kit - cluster lashes with bonder, sealer, remover, apllicator, home lash extensions kit (DIVINE)

  • £45.00
Tax included.
  • ✅ ALL-IN-ONE LASH KIT - DIY eyelash extensions starter kit includes all the essential accessories to apply lash extensions at home in several minutes.
  • ✅ EASY TO USE - DIY eyelash extensions starter kit from Nanolash contains simple accessories and clear instructions for easy application.
  • ✅ COST-EFFECTIVE - the starter kit includes 36 lash clusters so that you can enjoy lovely lash styles for a few weeks.
  • ✅ TIMESAVER - application of eyelash extensions using the kit takes 10 minutes tops and creates wonderful results.
  • ✅ WIDE RANGE - buying the DIY eyelash extensions starter kit, you can pick any lash style you like out of the ones offered by Nanolash!
  • ✅ ERGONOMIC APPLICATOR - the applicator for DIY cluster lashes is super comfortable to use, ensuring fast and easy application.

Discover the secret to a stunning gaze with the DIY lash extension starter kit from Nanolash. The kit from Nanolash is a one-stop solution for any beauty fan wishing to achieve professional lash extension results in the comfort of their home. The do-it-yourself lash extension kit is equally perfect for beginners and experienced eyelash-styling enthusiasts. Discover how easy it is to get beautiful lashes and a perfectly defined gaze! The starter kit includes the selected style of Nanolash cluster lashes and all products and accessories needed for applying them. A bonder, also known as lash glue, is extremely durable, and its tacky formula allows you to apply cluster lashes to your natural ones easily. Thanks to the ergonomic, perfectly shaped eyelash applicator, you will be able to apply the cluster lashes easily, and a special sealer will fix your finished lash look and neutralize the stickiness of the bonder. All accessories allow you to apply your at-home lash extensions in less than 10 minutes and ensure a stunning effect of long and thick lashes. The starter kit for eyelash extensions at home contains: - DIY false cluster lashes for DIY application at home in your chosen style. - lash extensions bonder - used to bond the cluster lashes to your natural ones. - a sealer for at-home lash extensions - used to remove the stickiness of the bonder and fix the finished lash look. - cluster lash remover - used for removing cluster lashes - cluster lash applicator - facilitates the application of the false cluster eyelashes and is also used to fuse lash clusters with natural lashes.