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Nanolash Eyelash Serum

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50% longer lashes after 30 days!

Thanks to the latest technologies and years of clinical and dermatological research, we were able to create Nanolash. This unique eyelash serum has become a must-have in every woman's makeup bag.

This active eyelash serum stimulates the lashes making them visibly longer, stronger and additionally darker. The specially developed formula of the product makes the lashes and lash line thicker and fuller.

Simple Application - Stunning Results

The product application is simple and pleasant, thanks to the precision brush. After a thorough removal of face and eye makeup, apply the Nanolash serum to the upper eyelash line. After a few seconds, the serum is absorbed, activating the hair-strengthening ingredients.

The carefully selected serum ingredients penetrate lash roots and work on them from within. They promote hair growth and impact the thickness and eyelash color. Nanolash creates a protective barrier along the regrowing eyelashes, preventing them from crumbling, falling out, and breaking. The lash-stimulating method, developed by laboratory professionals, will allow you to notice the first results after just two weeks of regular use.

Black and white close-up of woman's eyes with eyelash serum applicator touching her lashes

A dazzling gaze is just a step away. All it takes is a daily application of Nanolash to dazzle and attract attention. People of all ages can use it. Thanks to Nanolash, the lashes get longer, stronger, more resilient, moisturized, and thicker.

Color: Transparent

Size: 3ml / 0.1 fl oz