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Nanolash Lashcode - Mascara

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Lashcode mascara creates a flawless look. It precisely separates lashes, enveloping each one with deep-black pigment for up to 24 hours without clumping or smudging.

It lengthens and boosts the volume of all lashes with a single brushstroke. Lashcode enhances shape, defines your lash line and guarantees maximum extension. Enjoy the effect of having a million lashes and get an alluring look!


Lashcode comes with a carefully designed, ergonomic brush which has the perfect shape and size. It reaches each eyelash and adapts to its structure, enveloping even tiny corner lashes with a deep blackness. The effect? Noticeably more lashes.

Lashcode presents a new approach to eye make-up. The bristles on the brush are arranged so as to effortlessly separate the lashes and ramp up volume without clumping. You will be stunned by the beauty potential of your lashes, unlocked by this mascara.


The unique formula of Lashcode mascara does not only hold ultra-black pigment and top-quality ingredients for flawless make-up, it is also enriched with natural conditioning substances that keep lashes healthy.

Lashcode aids the repair and reconstruction of eyelashes so they can grow fabulous, healthy and strong, ensuring your stunning look every day. Eyelashes more lovely than ever before? Only with Lashcode!

Lashcode composition – soy germ extract

SOY GERM EXTRACT – stimulates lash growth, prevents ageing and excessive lash loss, reinforces at base.

Lashcode composition – wheat germ extract

WHEAT GERM EXTRACT – delivers highly regenerating action. It nourishes, smooths and provides each lash with softness and elasticity. Also, it maintains hydration.

Lashcode composition – baicalein

BAICALEIN – skullcap root extract. Features flavonoids that delay ageing processes and create a microscopic protecting shield around each lash. Natural UV filter.

Lashcode composition – panthenol

PANTHENOL – commonly known as pro-vitamin B5. It gifts eyelashes with elasticity, leaves them glossy and smooth. Also, it improves lash condition due to the lipid barrier reinforcement.

Lashcode composition – vitamin E

VITAMIN E – also known as ‘the vitamin of youth.’ It stimulates processes taking part in each lash cell and it is a building block of hair shaft. A powerful anti-oxidant protecting eyelash bulbs.

Lashcode composition – arginine

ARGININE – natural amino acid that effectively moisturizes lashes. It helps nutrients penetrate lash follicles. It stimulates lash growth and prevents lash loss.