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Nanolash Lint Free Applicators 50 pcs - flocked lash and brow lint-free applicators, disposable eyelash applicators

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  • ✅ MULTI-PURPOSE - Nanolash lint-free lash and brow applicators can be used during applying eyelash extensions or lash/brow lift and lamination treatments.
  • ✅ CONVENIENCE - the Nanolash lint-free applicators are lightweight and convenient accessories to make any lash/brow artist's job easier.
  • ✅ PRODUCT-SAVING - the flocked tip minimizes product usage, keeping it on the tip of the applicator.
  • ✅ GENTLE - the lint-free flocked lash and brow applicators have a soft surface, making them gentle on sensitive eyelid skin and delicate eyelash and eyebrow hairs.
  • ✅ PRACTICAL PACKAGING - one pack contains as many as 50 lint-free lash and brow applicators.

The lint-free lash and brow applicators are indispensable when styling eyebrows or eyelashes. Velour applicators are useful for applying eyelash extensions or come in handy during lash lift or eyebrow lamination treatments. The flocked lash and brow applicators are free of fibers that could get in the way and they prevent you from applying excess product, ensuring full control. One package contains as many as 50 velour applicators.