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Nanolash Step 3 Keratin Booster 10 sachets - Keratin lash lift and lamination conditioner

  • £15.00
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  • ✅ STRENGTHENING EFFECTS - Eyelashes are visibly healthier, nourished and reinforced. The keratin conditioner for lash lift and lamination improves lash hair elasticity and resilience.
  • ✅ THICKER LASHES - The keratin boost conditioner is packed with substances that thicken eyelashes and enhance the effects of lash lamination.
  • ✅ FUSS-FREE APPLICATION - The product is easy to apply thanks to the proper thickness.

The keratin conditioner from Nanolash is one of the key products used during the lash lamination process. A simple step to deeply nourish the lashes. The product is used after Step 2 Fix to enhance the effect of lash lift and lamination. The keratin booster for eyelash lifting gives lashes smoothness and shine, improving hair resilience and structure at the same time. The keratin conditioner penetrates the lash hair to promote the lash repair process. The achieved lash curl and lift are enhanced even more.