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Oh K! Lactic Acid Sheet Mask

  • £3.33

A fresh active ingredient mask powered to give you bright dewy skin.

Our Resurfacing biodegradable mask is the perfect treatment for smooth, hydrated skin. This lightweight formula is packed with Lactic Acid & Squalane that helps promote skin cell turnover, leaving behind soft, dewy skin.

  • Biodegradable: A biodegradable sheet mask, made from plant-based fibres which bio degrades more quickly than regular fibre sheet masks
  • Vegan Lactic Acid - Gentle AHA that promotes skin cell turnover & exfoliation.Squalane - 100% plant derived ingredient that locks in moisture, calms & protects skin.
  • Brightens Dull Skin: One face mask that’s packed with goodness, including Lactic Acid and Squalane to help promote healthy skin cell turnover, leaving behind soft, dewy skin as a result
  • Lightweight Formula: A refreshing lightweight sheet face mask that’s packed with plant-based ingredients to achieve smooth and hydrated skin after just one use
  • Calms and Protects: This lactic acid mask is designed to be calming, whilst protecting the skin from losing hydration, thanks to the added benefit of Squalane — 100% plant derived and helps lock in moisture to calm and protect