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PaintGlow Neon UV Glitter Face Gel / Neon UV Glitter Body Paints, 13ml

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Neon UV Glitter Face Gel / Neon UV Glitter Body Paint

Are you in search for a product that can transform your look from daytime drab to extreme glam by night? Well, in a matter of minutes, that is exactly what you could achieve with our Neon UV Glitter Face Gel and Neon UV Glitter Body Paint. Apply to to the tops of your cheekbones, brow bone and along the bridge of your nose, for a glossy highlight, that will come alive under UV light.

Choose UV Neon Glitter Gel, For A Glossy Glitter And Glow

From strobing to highlighter, from bronzer to luminizer, this year has seen the unsurprising return of dewy, healthy glowing skin. We’re talking sun-kissed Californian glow, a la Gigi Hadid vibes. So, whilst matte lips and nails may currently be all the rage, matte skin is most definitely history, and what better way to achieve this glowing summer look, than with a little UV Neon Glitter Gel.

UV Glitter Gel- Add A Little Glimmer Or A Lot Of Shimmer

Whether you choose to use the gel, with or without UV lighting, you can guarantee you’re in for a night of neon makeup magic. Incredibly versatile, and super easy to apply, go all out with a full body extravaganza, or apply to your cheekbones to enhance the natural contours of your face. Oh, and don’t worry about the mess! Our Neon UV Glitter Face Paint is as easy to remove as it is easy to apply.

  • Easy To Apply
  • 6 Dazzling Shades
  • Quick Drying
  • UV Reactive
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • 100% Cruelty Free

Expert Tip

Incredibly versatile did you say? It sure is. In fact, why not use our Neon UV Glitter Gel on top of your everyday eyeshadow, to add an intense evening twist? 

First, apply an Eyeshadow of your choice to your eyelids, and blend into your crease, as much or as little as you would normally. Then, simply dab a small amount of our Glitter Face & Body Gel over your eyeshadow, as well as up onto your brow bone. “Champagne Pink” take anyone’s fancy?Once dry, the UV Glitter Gel will leave a glossy, glitter finish, transforming your look from day to night in a matter of minutes- a quick and easy trick, for when you’re rushing out straight after work.