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Pat McGrath BlitzTrance LOVE TRAIN (Deep berry mauve with golden sheen)

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The new lip counterculture has arrived, and it stars the glittering, rave-worthy shine of BlitzTrance. This shockingly iridescent lipstick amplifies lips with the hi-fi, crystal flash glow of ultra-reflective pearls suspended in the silky texture of a creamy, emollient-infused formula. With exquisite control, the electric formulation melts smoothly onto the lips, drenching them in star-like pigments infused with a lustrous glitter for the ultimate in multi-dimensional shine. Explosive one-stroke colour shocks and seduces in shades that range from illicit violet and blue pearlised neon pink, to fiery copper and magnetic bronzed rose. Prepare to transport your lips into unexplored dimensions destined to slay all-night strong.

- Moisture-infused lipstick releases a burst of colour and glittering shine

- Ultra-reflective pearls are suspended in a creamy texture for a multidimensional look

- Melts softly onto lips with ease and control

Wear each extravagant colour without caution, and if you’re feeling extra bold, go for maximum drama with these decadent looks.

SKIN SHOW:A contoured, neo-nude lip loaded with glitter.

  1. Start by outlining the lips with ‘SUBURBIA’ PermaGel Ultra Lip Pencil.

  2. Smudge and lightly blend the edges of the penciled outline using a small fluffy brush.

  3. Apply a bronze swipe of ‘FLESH FATALE’ Blitz Trance Lipstick to the top and bottom lips with a small lip brush.

  4. Highlight the centre of the lip using the pearlised ‘NUDE ROMANTIQUE’ Blitz Trance Lipstick.

  5. Blend the two lipsticks together with your fingertips to create a glamorously glittering contoured effect.

COLOUR BLITZ: A riot of colour loaded with hot pink and pearl ombre effects.

  1. Apply ‘1980’ PermaGel Ultra Lip Pencil to the perimeter of the top and bottom lips, then fill in towards the centre.

  2. Soften the edges of the pencil with your fingertip.

  3. Apply the ‘CYBER ORCHID’ BlitzTrance Lipstick to the lips, leaving the centre blank.

  4. Highlight the center of the lips with a swipe of ‘FUSCHIA PERFECT’ BlitzTrance Lipstick, then blend to brilliant perfection with the fingertip.

VICIOUS VENOM: A violet-pink lip infused with rich aubergine and red shimmer.

  1. Create definition by lining the outer corners of the top and bottom lip with ‘NIGHT FEVER’ PermaGel Ultra Lip Pencil.

  2. Line the top and bottom edges of the lip with ‘MAJOR’ PermaGel Ultra Lip Pencil.

  3. Using a small lip brush, apply the ‘CLUB KISS’ BlitzTrance Lipstick to the outer corners of the lip and blend towards the center for a burst of colour.

  4. Finish with a searing accent of ‘REBEL RED’ Blitz Trance Lipstick to the centre of the lip, and blend with the fingertips.