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Pat McGrath Mothership X: Moonlit Seduction

  • £195.00
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“Extremely versatile and universally flattering, chic modern neutrals with high-performance technology. Apply sheer or build intensity.”

  • Multidimensional Astrals
  • Shade-Shifting Duochrome
  • Rich Metals
  • Structure-Shaping Essentials
  • Creamy, Blendable Textures
  • Use Wet or Dry
  • 19.5g / 0.68oz
Dance the night away in a decadent, dazzling and discopulent array of hedonistic hues inspired by sensually starlit seductions under the mesmerising moon. Nocturnal neutrals inspire glamorous structure in ten warmly wearable shades with unprecedented single-stroke intensity. Regal, romantic and rebellious, this intoxicating collection of next-generation formulas features smokey mattes, alluring astrals, molten metallics and a sextatic duochrome. Silky smooth textures glide effortlessly onto the lids, offering beautiful blendability with buildable, multidimensional brilliance. Fête the fantasy, define the dancefloor and dominate the day in modern nudes that inspire endless eye looks with divine dimension.


Rounded eye shape with defined upper and lower lashline and thick lashes.

  1. Blend a wash of Rosewood Romantique across the lid, through the crease and along the lower lashline.
  2. Use a finger to apply Platinum Dusk across the lid and blend the edges with a small blending brush.
  3. Use a dense angled brush to define the upper and lower lashline with Xtreme Nocturne.
  4. Illuminate the inner corner and brow bone with Skintense Glow.
  5. Finish by curling and coating the upper and lower lashes with FetishEYES™ Mascara.


Halo eye shape with defined lashline and wing, clean lower lashline.

  1. Pack Plum Cabaret onto the inner and outer third of the lid using a flat brush and diffuse the edges with a blending brush.
  2. Apply Bronze Devotion across the center of the lid with a small blending brush.
  3. Emphasise the center of the lid and inner corner with Astral Gold Lust.
  4. Line the lashline with Perma Precision Liquid Eyeliner in BLK Coffee and extend into a wing.
  5. Curl the lashes and coat with FetishEYES™ Mascara. 

Wearable Editorial

Double wing layered with astrals, clean lower lashline.

  1. Define above the socket and crease with Velvet Kohl Eyeliner and extend outwards into a wing.
  2. Use a small detail brush to layer VR Sextasy over the eyeliner. 
  3. Apply IntensifEYES™ Artistry Wand across the lid and press Blitz Venus onto the lid with a fingertip.
  4. Line the lashline with Perma Precision Liquid Eyeliner and extend into a second wing.
  5. Illuminate the inner corner with Astral Lilac Aura.
  6. Curl the lashes and finish with FetishEYES™ Mascara.