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Pat McGrath Mothership XI - Sunlit Seduction

  • £195.00
Tax included.
  • Structure-Shaping Essentials
  • Creamy, Blendable Textures
  • Multidimensional Astrals
  • Brillant Jewel-Toned Metallics 
  • Use Wet or Dry
  • 19.5g / 0.68oz

Mothership XI: Sunlit Seduction tempts you to venture into new realms of makeup artistry with its solar-infused spectrum of seductive shades and versatile finishes. From the gentle allure of floral mattes and blush-toned pinks to the captivating essence of burgundy orchids, this palette caters to looks that range from casually chic to sensually subversive. Experience the gleam of metallics and sparkling astrals enriched with shimmering pearls for radiant and dimensional color. The sumptuously smooth formulas ensure easy application, transforming your eye artistry into tactile indulgence. The palette features standout shades like molten crimson ruby and sparkling platinum mauve plum for eye looks that are simply haute of this world. Embrace the sunlit hues and let your artistry radiate.

  • Apply a thin layer of IntensifEYES™ Longwear Primer to prep lids for 24-hour, crease-proof wear. 
  • Apply matte pigment with a brush to the contour of the eyes, adding depth and structure while modifying shape.
  • Use a brush to apply shimmering pigments to highlight the brow bones, inner corner and eyelids. 
  • Highlight the high points of the face and Cupid’s bow with shimmering and sparkling pigments.
  • With a damp brush, dip into the metallic pigments and glide across the eyes for precision lining or graphic effects. 
  • Use the IntensifEYES™ Artistry Wand as a base and press metallic pigments on top with fingers or a flat brush to elevate and customise the finish. 
  • Easily create sparkling graphic shapes with zero fallout using the IntensifEYES™ Artistry Wand as a base.
  • Experiment with formula interplay by layering different finishes using the IntensifEYES™ Artistry Wand.
Pat Says
"Empower your inner seductress with the potent prowess of Mothership XI: Sunlit Seduction. These ten shades are not just an eye palette, they’re a passage to endless possibilities. With the palette’s sensorial formulas and multidimensional shade-shifting pearls, you can effortlessly elevate your eye looks to a realm that's simply haute of this world. Embrace the sunlit hues.”