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Peach C Falling in Eyeshadow Palette No 02 Falling in Peach

  • £11.99
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Eye shadow palette with carefully curated matte, shimmery and glittery colors saves you the time for mixing and matching. Great for everyday use!

An eye shadow palette with well colour combination to help you save time for matching.

Colour Chart:

  • #02 Falling in Peach:


  • #01 Light Apricot - as base, with apricot colour and an orange base to give better coverage on dark circle, make the eyes look less dull.


  • #02 Bright Coral - as glitter, adding coral colour into brown to give a point makeup on the under eyes area.


  • #03 Tone Down Peach Brown - as main colour, giving a dried peach alike colour.


  • #04 Gold Pearl - as shading, a peach brown colour with gold base which is optimal for triangle zone use.