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Prima Makeup Unicorn Poop Glitter Paste - Goldilocks

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Glitter Paste

Goldilocks Glitter Paste is super luxurious and perfect for a posh look, just like our Liquid Gold pressed glitter, this paste is super versatile and can be blending with many of our other shades. High in pigmentation, with a rich colour base and smelling of Prosecco and Clementine! Our glitter paste comes with a multitude of shapes and sizes of chunky glitter.

Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, our luscious and hydrating formula is unique to us, with essential oils to moisturise your skin. which gives you the perfect balance of sparkle and vitality.

We promise no Unicorns were harmed making our products and all Prima Makeup's products are a cosmetic grade, safe for face, body and hair.

Comes in a 20ml pot