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Proverb Sanitizer Spray Dispenser + 1 Litre Hand Sanitizer Refill

  • £87.50
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Splash Proof
Durable Motor
IR Sensor Detection
0.3s Quick Spraying
Product Size : 105*87*207mm
Capacity: 500ml
Material: ABS, PET Bottle
Net Weight: 225g
Voltage: DC 6V

Skin type: All

How it works: Motion sensor spray sanitiser machine. Fill the 500ml dispenser with PROVERB Refillable Hand Sanitiser. Add 4 x AA Batteries. Pass your hand under the sensor and enjoy a seamless, touchless spray sanitiser. The perfect ‘no contact’ sanitising solution.

How to use

This motion sensor spray sanitiser machine is for liquid spray sanitisers, not gels. Viable for 70% alcohol hand sanitiser. Refillable - it holds 500ml and dispenses 1mm per time. This is enough to sanitise both of your hands. 

Battery operated, 4 x AA, low power so stays on all the time and is only triggered when you put hands in front of the sensor.  Ideal to sit in your home, office, reception areas, on manicure desks, and in staff areas. 

How to use sanitiser

Shake before use. Spray on hands to cleanse. Also use this on yoga mats and gym equipment before you start training and after to leave the world clean for the next person! Not for use on the face or drinking.