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Pura Kosmetica Pure Atomic Strong Hold Hairspray 500ml

  • £29.99
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Extra-strong hold and long-lasting hairspray, able to protect the hair from humidity and the effects of external agents giving it excellent shine at the same time. Thanks to the Goji Berries and aromatic woods it does not weigh hair down and provides effective protection. Gives hold to the hair style without weighing it down.


Spray on dry hair from a distance of 30 cm to set the style. Spray on the root or head down to obtain increased volume. Is easily removed with a brush.

  • Goji Berries - anti-oxidant, protecting against UV rays
  • Carob wood - anti-ageing, nourishing and soothing
  • Cherry wood - anti-ageing, nourishing, energising
  • Walnut wood - detoxifying, nourishing, protects colour