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Real Techniques Stick + Store Dry Brush Drying Rack

  • £19.99
Tax included.
  • Tame your counter clutter - keep everyday essential make-up brushes clean and within reach (holds 11 brushes of various sizes)
  • Stick (no adhesive or suction cups) this storage/drying rack, for make-up brushes, to your mirror for quick access to your most used tools
  • After cleaning brushes, place upside down to dry
  • Size: 20 x 7 x 2.5cm
  • UK's No1 selling make-up brush brand

Tame your counter clutter - keep everyday essentials clean and within reach. Sturdy silicone with MiracleCling sticks instantly and adheres strongly to glossy surfaces yet peels off easy so you can remove and reposition - no adhesive needed. Clean and dry surface before applying. Drainage holes circulate air and aid drying. How to clean Gently hand wash under warm water and dishwasher safe Stain resistant material - use rubbing alcohol for tougher make-up stains Allow to dry before reapplying to surface.