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Sigma Beauty Classic Face Brush Set

  • £82.00
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Apply, blend and elevate your makeup with 5 of our best-selling, award-winning brushes. This exclusive set provides easy, PRO-like application at any skill level. Perfect for foundation, concealer, blush, powder and more, you'll create gorgeous, long-lasting looks with these waterproof brushes in your collection!
Brush Warranty Seal Patented Seal Waterproof Seal Vegan Seal
F30 LARGE POWDER - Evenly apply powder all over the face
F80 FLAT KABUKI™ - Blend liquid + cream products onto the face
F40 LARGE ANGLED CONTOUR - Softly contour the cheekbones
F35 TAPERED HIGHLIGHTER - Dust on highlight shades 
F64 SOFT BLEND CONCEALER™ - Buff out concealer