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Sigma Beauty Deluxe Blending Brush Set

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Meet your one-and-done blending eye brush set, including detail, standard and max versions of our best-selling blending brushes. With uniquely designed makeup brush heads for any eye shape, eye size or eye look, this professional-grade brush set has you covered. These 9 essential eye makeup brushes feature extra-soft SigmaTech® fibers that are perfect for everything: precise blending, controlled blending, all-over blending and more!

How do I use it?
The E40 Max Tapered Blending Brush is great for softening and blending eyeshadows or highlighting the face with precision. The E40 TAPERED BLENDING BRUSH works well for all-over blending on the lid or crease. The E45 Max Small Tapered Blending Brush is perfect for diffusing crease color or precisely contouring small areas of the face. The E38 DIFFUSED CREASE™ BRUSH is best for blending strong eyeshadow shades into the crease for a diffused effect. The E49 Medium Tapered Blending Brush is perfect for cutting the crease with precision or applying eyeshadow pigments onto the lower lashline. The E45 SMALL TAPERED BLENDING BRUSH is great for applying color to the crease for added depth and dimension. The E25 Max Blending Brush is best for sweeping colors across the lid or highlighting the face with precision. The E25 BLENDING BRUSH is ideal for patting down shimmer eyeshadow or matte eyeshadow right onto the lid. The E27 DETAIL BLENDING™ BRUSH is perfect for precisely applying color or diffusing harsh lines. It’s also a great blending brush for hooded eyes or small eyes.
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E25 BLENDING BRUSH - Our best blending brush

E25 Max Blending Brush - Available only in this set!

E27 DETAIL BLENDING™ BRUSH - Great blending brush for small eyes or hooded eyes 

E38 DIFFUSED CREASE™ BRUSH - Our best crease brush 

E40 TAPERED BLENDING BRUSH - Dubbed by fans the “Holy Grail” of blending brushes 

E40 Max Tapered Blending Brush - Available only in this set!

E45 SMALL TAPERED BLENDING BRUSH - Perfect crease brush with pointed tip

E45 Max Small Tapered Blending Brush - Available only in this set!

E49 Medium Tapered Blending Brush - Available only in this set!

Additional Info:  

  • Some of these high-quality blending brushes also make great concealer brushes, setting powder brushes, highlighter brushes, brow highlight brushes, contour brushes, and more! 
  • Perfect for beauty beginners or PROs 
  • These professional blending brushes provide sheer-to-medium, buildable coverage
  • You can create a complete eye look with just this brush set!