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Sigma Beauty F12 Setting Powder Brush

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For applying powder under eyes

Add the finishing touch to any look with this small, tapered face brush and your favorite loose setting powder. Uniquely designed to provide a more precise application, this extra-soft SigmaTech® fiber brush evenly distributes and diffuses powders for a smooth, flawless finish every time!


Use this tapered, extra-soft SigmaTech® fiber brush to evenly press in setting powder across fresh foundation to secure it and add the finishing touch to your look. This versatile brush can also be used to sweep away eyeshadow fallout or precisely apply highlight and contour.

Brush Warranty Seal Patented Seal Waterproof Seal Vegan Seal
Function: Apply powder under the eyes
Unique Feature: Small, tapered brush head
Recommended Use: Sweep away eyeshadow fall out, apply loose setting powder, or precisely highlight and contour
Coverage: Sheer to Medium