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Sigma Beauty Perfect Eyes Brush Set

  • £25.00
Tax included.

Complete eye brush set with a blending brush, shader brush, and detail brush that works for eyes and brows.

  • Features 3 essential eye brushes every beauty user needs in their kit
  • Every brush you need to apply and blend eyeshadows, then line the eyes or define the brows
  • Works with a variety of product formulas
  • Made with patented waterproof technology to ensure the handle and ferrule never separate over time
  • Ultra-soft synthetic fibers better hold, apply, and blend all product formulas
  • 100% cruelty-free and vegan

No matter your skill level, every beauty user needs 3 essential eye brushes: a shader brush, a blending brush, and an angled detail brush. Featuring all 3, this set provides you with the basics for applying and blending your favorite eyeshadows, lining your lashes for added dimension, and filling in your brows with pomade or powder.

Exclusive synthetic antimicrobial fibers
Engineered to better hold, apply + blend products

Durable + corrosion-resistant SigmaAlloyâ„¢
Precious metal plating for shine + strength
Exclusive, patented interlocking technology
Double-threaded engineering

Solid polymer-based handles are waterproof
Outlasts all product formulas + frequent brush care

This makeup brush set is 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

Products Included:

E38 Diffused Crease™

E54 Medium Sweeper™

E75 Angled Brow