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Skin Revitalization Kit: 7th Heaven Tea Tree and Peel-Off Masks Bundle

  • £10.00
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Revitalize your skin with our Skin Revitalization Kit: a curated collection of 7th Heaven Tea Tree and Peel-Off Masks. Each mask is formulated to target different skin concerns, leaving your complexion refreshed, purified, and glowing."

  1. Tea Tree Sheet Mask (16g):

    • Infused with tea tree oil to cleanse and purify pores, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.
  2. Tea Tree Peel Off Face Mask (10ml):

    • Helps to remove impurities and excess oil, leaving the skin looking clear and radiant.
  3. Silver Easy Peel Off Mask (10ml):

    • Formulated with silver to help draw out impurities and minimize the appearance of pores.
  4. Rose Gold Easy Peel-Off Face Mask (10ml):

    • Contains rose gold to brighten and rejuvenate the complexion, leaving skin with a radiant glow.
  5. Pink Guava Peel Off Face Mask (10ml):

    • Enriched with pink guava extract to revitalize and refresh tired skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.