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Sweed Eye Lash Growth Serum 3ml

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On your lashes:
  • Remove makeup
  • Apply on the base of the upper lash (the lash root) with a single stroke
  • Repeat daily (we recommend at night)
  • Start from the outer corner of the eye and move towards your inner corner
  • Allow one to two minutes for the serum to dry

On your brows:

  • Apply a small amount all over your brows for a fuller and thicker brow look.

What it is: A clean and prostaglandin-free lash enhancing serum that promotes the appearance of visibly longer and fuller looking lashes and brows in only 4-6 weeks. Best of all -  the clean, carefully chosen ingredients are vegan and free from prostaglandins (hormones). 
  • Makes your lashes longer, fuller, darker and gives a beautiful curl with gloss-effect.
  • This nutrient-rich serum supports your hair growth cycle and is powered by peptides, biotin, pumpkin seed oil and vegan keratin to accelerate the appearance of longer lashes and brows.
  • Gentle to your eyes and formulated without prostaglandins (hormones that can cause irritation and leave a dark colour pigmentation along your lash line).
  • A two-in-one solution for long, lush lashes and can be used on sparse gaps to achieve more full brows. 
  • It’s a favorite for helping to enhance short or thinning lashes, and it’s also ideal for restoring the appearance of brittle or damaged lashes.
  • 97% experience that their lashes have become longer
  • 94%  experience that their lashes are fuller
  • 82% have received compliments for their lashes since they started using the Eyelash Growth Serum*

*Customer panel of 32 women aged 18-60 years who used the serum for 4-6 weeks.

How does our eyelash serum work?

Sweed's Eyelash Growth Serum contains a highly effective blend of active ingredients that will give you longer and fuller lashes. The prostaglandin (hormone) free formula is powered by peptides, biotin, pumpkin seed oil and vegan keratin that will nourish and extend the growth phase of your lashes, which leads to longer and fuller lashes with a beautiful curl. You'll notice a change within 28 days when used daily, preferably 1 hour before bed.

How do I apply the serum?
Apply it above your lash line as an eyeliner and allow it to dry for 30 seconds while looking down. Make sure to remove your makeup before applying it. 

Can I use Eyelash Growth Serum on my eyebrows?
Yes! You can use our Eyelash Growth Serum as a booster for your brows to make them look fuller. Apply on the sparse areas of your brows 1 hour before bed.

Does the formula contain the ingredient Prostaglandin (hormones)?
Our Eyelash Growth Serum doesn't contain any Prostaglandins (hormones). Sweed Eyelash Growth Serum is mild and effective. Our formula is known for being gentle to sensitive skin and works on all skin types. Read more about how our serum is Doctor Approved.

What is the benefits of the ingredients? 
Our vegan Eyelash Growth Serum contains nutritious ingredients to enrich your own lashes and extend your growth cycle which leads to your lashes becoming longer and thicker. The Biotin and Panthenol will keep your lashes strong while the Keratin and Pumpkin seed extract conditions and nourishes the lashes. The Eyelash Growth Serum is free from prostaglandins which makes it safe to use around your eyes without causing pigmentations or irritations. Since it's free from prostaglandins you can use it while pregnant or breastfeeding. However, we recommend you to always consult with your doctor before using any serums.

Have you experienced sensitivity to serums in the past?
The ingredients in Eyelash Growth Serum are carefully formulated and of course, vegan and free from prostaglandins (hormones). 99% of the serums on the market contains prostaglandins which can cause pigmentation or irritation. However, as with any cosmetic product, different individuals might be intolerant or allergic to one or more ingredients. 

We suggest that you start to use it every other day to test it out, and after a week you can apply it every night. If you experience any discomfort or feel allergic, stop the use of the product. If you know that you are sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients, we recommend you to not use the product.

For how long do I have to use your Eyelash Growth Serum before seeing results?
You will see a result of longer and healthier lashes in only 4-6 weeks with our highly effective blend of active ingredients. To maintain the result, use our serum each and every day. 

What do I do when my lashes reach the length I desire and I'm happy with the result?
Maintain the result by using the serum 3-4 times a week instead of every night. 

What happens when you stop using our serum?
It takes about 4 weeks until your lashes will go back to their original shape. 

Does this serum work on seniors?
Yes it does. We've actually won an award for this as "the serum that actually works" and it was used by women above 50 years old.

If I get the Eyelash Growth Serum in my eyes - what do I do?
The ingredients in the serum are completely clean, however if the serum gets in your eyes, rinse your eyes thoroughly with plenty of water. Remember that you only need a little amount of the serum to boost your lashes, so try not to over use the product.

Can I use makeup while using the Eyelash Growth Serum?
Yes, you can continue to use makeup while using our serum. However, makeup should be removed before applying the serum.

Aqua, Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol (Vitamine B5), Pumpkin Seed Oil, Myristol Pentapeptide-17, Biotin, Pentapeptide-16, Hydrolized Keratin, Biotenoyl Tripeptide-1, Octapeptide-2, Glycerin, Larix European Wood Extract, Glycerin Mac (Soybean) Polypeptide.