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Sweed No Lash Cluster 10mm

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Natural but better. Make-up artist must-haves. Easy to apply.
We've heard your prayers, lash lovers!
Our signature style "No Lash Lash x Nikki Wolff" has ever since it launched in 2019 been a staple product in every professional's makeup bag. The No Lash Lash is incredibly beautiful and unique and is worn frequently by stars all over the world! 

"No Lash Cluster" is the same but with a new user-friendly version with wider clusters that are easy to apply even for nonskilled beginners. 

The "No Lash Clusters" are ultra-delicate lashes to achieve the most natural and defined lash look with the thinnest seamless band. Use the shorter lengths to add discrete volume along the entire lash line or apply the longer lengths at the outer corner of the eyes to enhance your eye shape. These clusters are incredibly easy-to-use for a flawless application every time.

Pcs: 12 clusters
Length: 10mm
Color: Black

How to use:
 Apply glue on your hand.
2. Remove the clusters gently with a tweezer from the base of the lash line (opposite than normal individuals) and dip into the glue. Be careful not to break the lashes from each cluster, and if you do it's fine to apply each hair separately.
3. Apply as close as possible to your own lashes. 

Glue purchase separately.