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theBalm Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette theBalm and the Beautiful® Episode 1

  • £25.99
Tax included.

The theBalm theBalm and the Beautiful® Episode 1 eye makeup palette opens up possibilities for you to create incredible variety in your eye makeup.


  • create natural eye makeup
  • long-lasting
  • washes out easily
  • shades can be combined easily
  • matte texture
  • sparkling effect

How to use:
Apply shadows to the eyelids with a brush, foam applicator or fingertips.

Introducing The Balm and the Beautiful Episode 1, a distinctly binge-worthy eyeshadow palette featuring eight gorgeous matte and sparkling shades. Organic Jojoba Oil, Rosemary Oil and Grapeseed Oil, along with Sunflower derived antioxidant Vitamin E, make cameo appearances; while Talc, Synthetic Binders, Dimethicone, PTFE, and Parabens have been written out of the script. And because size matters (on screen and off), we reduced our carbon footprint bringing you everything you love and lust about our signature vintage packaging but with a (plot) twist that’s 100% recyclable.