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too cool for school - Artclass By Rodin Blusher De Ginger 9g

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Artclass By Rodin Blusher De Ginger Orange is a beaming water-color blush that adds a delicate glow to the cheeks

This ginger blush delivers a spring-like softness and warmth - let the hues of tea leaves paint your cheeks like flowing water colors

Color Variation
[1 - Nudy Ginger] A muted shade with subtle color
[2 - Coral Ginger] A muted ginger shade with an added drop of liveliness
[3 - Ginger Orange] A sensual shade that adds a depth of color
  • 3-Color layering - A natural gradation effect achieved by mixing By Rodin's three signature colors of each level according to the skin tone.
  • Water color coloring - Creates a lively and three-dimensional look with sheer color
  • Thin powder - A natural color that does not clump when applied due to its texture that only adds color with each layer.