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Elegant Touch Totally Bare Nails

  • £4.95
Tax included.

Totally Bare nails are a blank canvas so you can create your own look. Nail polish lasts much longer on our Totally Bare nails due to the lack of moisture found on your natural nails, meaning the colour will not chip and peel – a sure-fire way to ruin a perfect manicure! Betrayed by a broken nail and having a nail emergency?! Totally Bare nails are perfect for a quick-fix until they’re all identical once more! Simply paint in your chosen colour and apply – easy-peasy and no one needs to know! The best part about Totally Clear nails? You can paint them before you apply! Save time and your manicure by painting & embellishing your nails before gluing them on. Glue is included for application and will give fantastic results for up to 10 days when applied according to the instructions.