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Wet Brush Shower Glitter Detangler Brush - Teal

  • £9.99
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Create the look of smooth, soft tresses with the Wet Brush Shower Glitter Detangler Brush – Teal. The brush is equipped with ingenious Intelliflex bristles, with tiny balls at the end of each one to alleviate the risk of any pulling, tugging or hair breakage. The gentle structure of the bristles makes them suitable for evenly distributing conditioner and haircare products, making the brush highly versatile and practical. Innovative OmniFlex technology allows the hairbrush to mould itself to the shape and contours of your scalp, offering a comfortable and enjoyable grooming experience each time.

The uniquely-crafted hairbrush is perfect for use in the shower, minimising knots and pugs while the hair is wet to make drying and styling quicker and easier. The powerful, durable nature of the bristles means that less force is required during usage, reducing the risk of split ends and flyaway hairs. Finished with a convenient shower hook handle, allowing you to leave the brush wherever you want to.