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  • Do's and Don'ts of Applying Matte Liquid Lipstick

    Applying matte lipstick perfectly is not that easy. If you know how to apply it then it is not less than an achievement, isn't it? When applied correctly it can bind your entire look together but if done wrongly it can turn out to be a disastrous experience. If you have queries such as how to ap... View Post
  • Why Investing On Good Quality Make up Brushes Makes Sense

    If you are new to the makeup scene, you need to comprehend the significance of quality makeup brushes. Most amateurs don’t realize the worth of quality makeup brushes, which shouldn’t be the case. Why are quality makeup brushes so important? Why are they better than their cheaper counterparts? S... View Post
  • Top 5 Must-Have Shimmery Skin Care Products

    Glitter was everywhere this season and now it will be making its way to your skin care regiment. Glitter & shimmer may be things that we usually relate to with makeup but of late they have been popping in many skincare products – from slightly shimmery BB Creams to chunky glitter-packed peel-... View Post