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  • Top 5 Must-Have Shimmery Skin Care Products

    Glitter was everywhere this season and now it will be making its way to your skin care regiment. Glitter & shimmer may be things that we usually relate to with makeup but of late they have been popping in many skincare products – from slightly shimmery BB Creams to chunky glitter-packed peel-... View Post
  • Do you hold the love for dramatic eyes? I mean, who doesn’t? Not everyone is blessed with thick, long eyelashes, and even if you don’t apply a lot of eye makeup, you will at least desire voluminous lashes for that standout look. Eylure Definition Lashes UK will help you fulfill your dream.   Ever... View Post
  • 5 Fire Ways to Wear Holographic Orange Glitter UK

    Did you ever ask - how do I wear glitter without looking like a prom-night disaster? Well, that is the beauty of glitter - it is meant to be imperfect. No, really!!! Dot a few silver flecks on the inner corner of your eyes and tap some Prima makeup pressed Holographic orange glitter UK in the mid... View Post