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  • 5 Fire Ways to Wear Holographic Orange Glitter UK

    Did you ever ask - how do I wear glitter without looking like a prom-night disaster? Well, that is the beauty of glitter - it is meant to be imperfect. No, really!!! Dot a few silver flecks on the inner corner of your eyes and tap some Prima makeup pressed Holographic orange glitter UK in the mid... View Post
  • Strobing Vs. Highlighting – What’s the Difference?

    Strobing and highlighting are the two terms that have caused an online stir with many makeup fanatics wanting to try out these new makeup trends. However many of us are unaware of the difference between the two techniques, so we at Beauty Goddess have brought you a post below that differentiate t... View Post
  • Bring Out Your Inner Diva With theBalm Cosmetics UK

    Makeup has been around for a long time. Today the cosmetic industry undoubtedly is one of the largest industries in the world. Who doesn’t love to prep up his/her skin a bit before a function or party? Beauty products highlight every part of a face and add beauty. While many skincare products wil... View Post