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bkr - the Original Glass Water Bottle

Best friends and co-founders, Tal Winter and Kate Cutler started bkr in 2011 with the belief that inner and outer beauty were connected. Their product was the clean, addictive, cult favourite bkr bottle and their concept was Beauty 101: drinking water is the foundation for soft, dewy, pretty skin–and wtf­–hydrating shouldn’t be so hard.

Fast forward to a couple years later. Confident they had solved the hydrating-is-hard problem, they were annoyed that they still had dry lips–despite being two of the most hydrated people on earth who owned every lip product in existence. They decided to do the thing they were inspired to do: create the hydrating, holy grail, omg, cosmetic soulmate of lip balms themselves.

The critically lauded Paris Water Balm is that holy grail lip balm and it builds on a line of clean, holistic, hydration-first beauty and wellness products for people who know to start inside for a pretty outside.

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