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Sassy Shop Wax

In 2017 our house-proud founder Keely spotted a massive gap in the market for premium luxury scented wax melt brand to make her smell like her favourite bath product. Armed with pure passion and excitement Keely started making products from her kitchen with sales starting to grow. The tipping point came in December 2018 when the Facebook shop sold out within moments of announcing new stock.

Within one year as a LTD company we now call home a 5,000 SQ foot commercial space in Bristol, employ 20 members of staff and generate company record breaking revenues solely from online sales every month. 

All products are handmade by our team with our unique blend of wax at our Bristol workshop, this means it cannot be found anywhere else. We also provide exclusive fragrances, made ONLY for us. We pride ourselves on offering affordable luxury for your home.

As a brand that has grown quickly from a dining room table, we are fresh, mega-ambitious and nurture a down to earth with a family feel culture.  We pride ourselves on being in tune with our customers. Providing personal customer service is at the heart of what we do. We add value in anyway we see possible; from £1000 giveaways to adding free products to customers orders at random when they tell us that they love a scent so much.

So, what's next?

We're on a mission to connect people and memories through love of fragrance. 

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