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Pat McGrath Holiday Collection 2019

EXCLUSIVELY AT PATMcGRATH.COM – Conjure extravagance to the extreme with a cult-covetable collection for eyes and lips starring three Mothership Blitz Astral Quads and six MatteTrance Lipsticks arrayed in luxe Limited Edition packaging. 

Inspired by lascivious luxury and ritualistic excess, the Everything Kit embodies captivating colours and tantalising textures, ranging from hypnotic jewel tones (Nocturnal Nirvana) to blooming vibrant hues (Ritualistic Rose) to major metallic shine (Iconic Illumination).  

Embellish your eyes with the high pick-up and opulent payoff of each Quad’s exquisite array of formulations and finishes. provoke your pout with the mesmerising matte lip luxury of iconoclassic lipstick pairs from the award-winning MatteTrance collection. USE WITHOUT CAUTION.

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