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Lorem Emu Oil


Emu Oil began to be used outside Australia and New Zealand, as the Aborigines introduced it to the first European explorers, where a common use was as a natural sunscreen. Learning of its wide benefits, they would return home to their countries with the oil as a gift. By word-of-mouth the knowledge of Emu Oil quickly spread across Europe.


American farmers, after learning about Emu Oil, began to import and raise Emus for their meat and by-products. Many countries around the world soon followed. By the end of the century Emu oil was being used in sport and athletics, as well as burn centres worldwide to heal skin tissue and reduce scarring. Medical use was becoming more common.


Emu Oil is regulated by the Australian Emu Association to guarantee quality for its many uses. Emu meat is a delicacy sold in many parts of the world. Lorem’s products are made from only the highest form of Australian certified edible and cosmetic grade Emu Oil. There are poorer quality Emu Oils available which will be darker in colour, have an odour, and may contain peroxides that will degrade the product over time.

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