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Sweed Beauty


Sweed is here to upgrade your lash game. When Sweed was founded our vision was to offer the best false lashes in the world. Light as feathers and comfortable to wear. We are still here to serve you the most beautiful and natural-looking supreme quality false lashes, but nowadays we can proudly say we have extended our collection with additional innovative eye products. The Lash Lift mascara has already taken the world by storm and the Eyelash Growth Serum takes your lashes from zero to hero in a blink. Together with our community of professional makeup artists, we are leading the movement to change the way false lashes and traditional eye products are seen and used. We believe in innovation and constant development. Welcome to the lashie world of Sweed!


Gabriella Elio was only 15 when she did an internship at a popular makeup store and they asked her to stay working there. It was love at first sight and she felt immediately that this was her calling in life. She worked hard to learn everything she could about makeup and found pleasure in making women feel like the best version of themselves. After years of hard work as a makeup artist, Gabriella felt that it was missing a complete eyelash assortment with high and consistent quality that was easy to use. After years of profound research Gabriella decided to create her own collection of lashes. Her mission was to create natural looking lashes that you could wear a regular day at the office without anyone noticing that you are wearing fake lashes.

2015 Sweed Lashes launched at Åhlens City Stockholm and had in less than two years grown to be selling in over 600 stores such as H&M, Kicks and Åhléns all over Scandinavia. Nowadays you can find Sweed at the most prestigious department stores around the world, such as Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Galerie La Fayette.

Our lashes are used by the most talented makeup artists, and you can see celebrities and royals wear Sweed frequently.


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