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Christian Faye

Why Christian Faye?

Christian Faye Eyebrow powder is designed to be a product to rely upon. This superior clay-based powder adheres to the skin, not the brows, to give a 24 hour lasting power. Specially formulated to be sweat proof and water resistant, you can trust your beautifully defined brows will remain in place no matter what you do. Christian Faye Eyebrow powder gives you the ability to emphasise your eyebrows in an easy, affordable and professional way. Pale and thin eyebrows will be transformed in seconds, instantly framing the face and opening the eyes. It is the perfect product to fit into any busy lifestyle and can be easily removed using make-up remover.

Healthier alternative to dyes and tattoos

Christian Faye Eyebrow powder can also be used to cover old scars and grey hairs in a way tints do not. The powder adheres to the skin and not the eyebrows themselves making it the perfect product for those that have sparse areas, or have lost their brows to alopecia or chemotherapy. Christian Faye Eyebrow gives those suffering from hair loss a product that will work and remain in place for a fraction of the cost of eyebrow tattooing.

Our Range

With a choice of 8 colours each with different undertones, you will have your perfect match with Christian Faye Eyebrow powder. All shades can be applied softly with a light hand, or built up for a darker finish. Christian Faye Eyebrow is retailed in a full individual kit which includes your chosen eyebrow powder, three stencils and a double-ended application brush.

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