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Shopping for House of Beauty Lip Hybrid™ in the UK

Are you looking for best lip care solutions? If yes, then you should choose no other than House of Beauty Lip Hybrid™ in the UK! We at Beauty Goddess specialise in providing an extensive array of UK’s Lip Hybrid™ lip care solutions at the competitive costs. Our Lip Hybrid™ is a unique lip care formula and an intersection between a lipstick and a lip gloss.

When you start shopping our Lip Hybrid™ product, you will get to experience the creamy mixture of nurturing ingredients and top-quality pigmentation. Upon applying any of our Lip Hybrid™ type, you will apply like a gloss and feel like a lipstick. You will only need a pea size of our highly-pigmented lip care product for full coverage.

Finding Your FavouriteLip Hybrid™ Lip Colour

All of our House of Beauty Lip Hybrid™ lip care products stick very well on your lips and will last for more time. Nevertheless of your preferences are, they won’t feather or fade and remain intact through food and drink. Applying Lip Hybrid™ is easy as you won’t need any lip liner or primer.

At Beauty Goddess, we provide premium-standard Lip Hybrid™ in the UK in a 5gm clear jar having 5ml or 0.17 ounces of the product, which is equivalent to two lipsticks. When you see the jar first, you may find it small.

As soon as you try them, you’ll know that a pea size amount of lipstick is just enough for you. If you prefer a more intense look, you can build up your application or use a smaller amount for a wash of colour.

It’s highly suggested that you should use Detachable Lip Brush or you can use one of our Disposable Doe Foot Applicators for easy application. Take a look at our available Lip Hybrid™ in the UK and find your favourite colour for you!

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