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Shamanic - The Colors - The Energy of Amazonia

Tradition and science in harmony

SHAMANIC cosmetics stand for high-quality and effective natural cosmetics that harmonize shamanic tradition and modern science. The shamans of native tribes, who have been rooted in South America for generations, carefully collect nuts, fruits, leaves and resins in harmony with their habitat, whose energies they trust. They never take more than 20 percent of the potential harvest yield. This guarantees a sustainable extraction of the vegetable raw materials. Grown in the wild, their purity and concentration of active ingredients is many times higher than that of a cultivated plantation plant, even from organic farming.

The secret of SHAMANIC

The active principle of our SHAMANIC cosmetics is based on the knowledge that plants as well as humans have life energy that can be measured by biophotons. The indigenous peoples have always known how to make these life forces usable for people. This understanding is also behind all SHAMANIC products. We use this life energy to transfer the natural power of plants to the health and radiance of skin and hair. The fair, partnership-based cooperation with the local population takes place without intermediaries and enables them to be economically independent. 

High effectiveness and sustainability

The valuable plant raw materials are natural, cold-pressed and unrefined in our Starnberg factory, where the concentrated active oil creations and creams are developed. Regular tests confirm that the proportion of active ingredients is up to 700 percent higher than with organic quality. The consistent avoidance of water makes the use of disruptive and incompatible additives such as preservatives and emulsifiers superfluous. The formulations also do not contain any animal extracts, dyes, surfactants or alcohol. Due to the gentle processing of the oils - without heat and any use of chemical processes - the high-quality active ingredients, vitamins and fatty acids are retained in their entirety.

The avoidance of water and the cold pressing also have the advantage in further processing that they are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Our products are packaged in special, protective glass containers in an environmentally friendly manner. Plastic is used for the closures, which is degradable and is obtained from renewable raw materials.

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